Show & Tell! Phoenix Relief Center

Show & Tell! Phoenix Relief Center

This week we’re showcasing Phoenix Relief Center from Phoenix Arizona. This client requested a dynamically updating menu that showcase all of their available products. For this, we partnered with the P.O.S. they already used, TREEZ. Phoenix Relief Center wanted their menus to be as hands off as possible and we have provided just that. For their flower menu we are showcasing each strain with an easy to identify icon. This allows the customer to quickly identify the flower they want at a glance. 

Client: Phoenix Relief Center


Number of Screens: 3



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“Before entering a new industry we are very careful about making sure we have a product and service that meets a true need. What we found through talking directly with many Cannabis Owners is that being able to update their TV Menus instantly without too much headache is what they truly wanted and so this is what we made sure to deliver upon and more. “
Max Gagnon
Founder | CEO
Jason Ketterer
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