Consistency in P.O.S. Systems and Digital Menus

Consistency in P.O.S. Systems and Digital Menus

The integration of P.O.S. Systems and Digital Menus can be tricky. With DiIVVY Digital, we make it easy. Our system allows for complete data customization. All Point of Sale Systems are a little different, but they all serve the same purpose. Having your products and prices in one place enables you to make a transaction smoothly and easily. Keeping track of data, inventory, sales records and more.

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The Best Features of P.O.S. Systems and Digital Menus

Another great feature of your POS system may be it’s ability to share information with other systems or companies. This could be for digital signage, online menus, marketing campaigns and so on. In the case of digital menu signage we can tell you that an integration with your POS systems and digital menus make accurate real time data a breeze, especially if you are consistently adding products in the same format each time.

I have seen dispensaries that are very organized in how they enter their data in the POS system which always ensures correct data on their digital menus. On the other hand, I have seen plenty of cases where this is not the case. If you are just getting started in the business or if you’re thinking about doing an integrated menu some time soon there’s a few simple things to keep in mind that can save you trouble in the long run.


P.O.S. System Integrations That You Can Customize

Title fields often get packed with a lot more than just a title. This can make for a sloppy looking menu and long titles that can get cut off on the screen. When possible keep brands and weights in their respective fields. Another thing that can lead to sloppy looking menus is spelling and capitalization. When your data is up on that TV screen and none of its formatted in the same way, it shows. Putting in that little bit of extra effort goes a long way towards presentation. Some systems have Categories and the products in those categories are broken down by Type. These types are a great way to keep things organized and can serve as a filter to separate out items you want on your menu versus items you do not.

Digital Menu Display Thats Always Up-To-Date

Digital Menus That Integrate With Your P.O.S. Systems

Imagine having all your concentrates in one category – with no type. How would you know what’s a vape cartridge versus a wax or shatter? How would a computer know what information it should show on each menu? It couldn’t. That’s why these types are so helpful. Another suggestion for type fields would be in the flower category. In this category it is a great way to label your products as Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa. Having this information inputted can make it easier to show selective menus or icons to indicate the type of flower. Having personally created hundreds of menus using data from POS systems I can tell you that consistency when entering your data will make for a much smoother process with all your data in all the right places. DIVVY Digital make it easy to integrate your P.O.S. Systems with your Digital Menus

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“Before entering a new industry we are very careful about making sure we have a product and service that meets a true need. What we found through talking directly with many Cannabis Owners is that being able to update their TV Menus instantly without too much headache is what they truly wanted and so this is what we made sure to deliver upon and more. “
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