Customer Driven

Customer Driven

When it comes to my career history I have always been involved in positions and industries that place a high value on Customer Service.  Whether it was my first job at a local italian restaurant called Angelinas or to my various roles at the Ritz Carlton and now with my role as CEO of Salonsense Media/ Divvy Digital, they all involved the idea of listening close to the customer in order to meet or exceed their needs.  By placing your customer in the proverbial driver seat you are able to build a winning service.

Learning From The Gold Stanard In customer service

Building a customer centric culture like this within a company is no easy task but I can tell you from my experience that no company did this better than the Ritz Carlton. In fact the first part of the interview process was a simple phone call to gage whether the candidate would be a natural fit for the Ritz Carlton. One thing I learned from my experience there is you can teach just about any type of skill but you cannot teach people to listen or to respond with a smile and caring attitude.  The other supremely valuable thing I learned from my time there was the importance of recording guests preferences so that you could tailor your service specifically to them. Which room did they prefer? Type of Coffee they drank? Food and drinks they prefer? We would then use this type of information to provide a unique and custom experience for these guests the next time they returned to our brand.  Talk about letting your customers drive where they want..  

Much like the parent company Salonsense Media, Divvy got its start by a lot of listening to owners, budtenders, and operators in the cannabis space. We have never been a company to build a software service as a one-size fits all mentality.  What this means for the Cannabis Industry, first and foremost, are Menus that are synced with the Point of Sale and that require very little maintenance, if any, once they are set-up. Secondly, it means providing a menu design that is unique and be custom to the company we are working with so that brands can maintain their identity. And third, providing completely customizable ways in which we present menu information has become supremely important.

This has allowed our customers the ability to communicate in a way that makes sense to their brand. For instance some dispensaries don’t operate under the traditional method of breaking their flower products by Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and so with our proprietary EVO System we are able to easily allow them to choose a custom subspecies naming system along with icons they should prefer.

Divvy Digital is Customer Driven Thru & Thru

Bottom line is we always listen to our customers and let them drive our service since they ultimately know where they are going.  Divvy Digital has applied some of those same principles found at the Ritz Carlton in how it hires which has helped pave the way to a customer centric culture. Future is bright for this industry and we are excited to see where the industry takes us. 

Max Gangon
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