What Is Sprout?

Sprout is a leading CRM & marketing software company for the cannabis industry. Our all-in-one CRM & marketing software helps automate marketing functions, build brand loyalty and engage consumers and patients.

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Sprout is the leading CRM and marketing software platform for the cannabis industry.  We help cannabis companies increase revenues and profit margins by engaging their customers, creating brand awareness and driving online and in-store orders.

We have spent over a decade building enterprise CRM & marketing software platform designed specifically for:

  • Cultivators & Vertically Integrated Cannabis Operators
  • Retailers & Dispensaries (cannabis, hydroponic stores, CBD retailers, etc.)
  • Cannabis Distributors
  • CPG & Cannabis Brands

Many of the largest, fastest growing vertically integrated cannabis operators and brands have switched over to Sprout.  With a combination of Multi-Media Messaging (MMS), Standard Messaging (SMS), Mobile Coupons, Mobile Surveys and Email Marketing, Sprout is the all-in-one solution for your business.  With Sprout, you will ACQUIRE new customers, RETAIN the ones you have and overall GROW your business through a combination of outreach, loyalty and pinpoint marketing.

Isn’t it refreshing to know you’ll be working with an agency that not only delivers unparalleled results but values clients like family?

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