Digital Signage Strategy for Cannabis TV Menu

Digital Signage Strategy

Digital Signage Strategy for Cannabis TV Menu

When you think about signing up for a Cannabis TV Menu Service for your dispensary, what comes to your mind first? At Divvy Digital we typically consult with owners whose general line of thinking is “I want to display every product I carry”. This may work for some, however, there are many things to consider before running down that path.


Showing The Right Data at The Right time


How many products do you carry? How many TV screens will you have to display your products on? For smaller shops with a limited number of items in stock, displaying every item may be the best option. However, what if you have a limited number of screens and a large line of products? In such situations, it may be better to highlight certain products over others. One approach could be to list your best sellers. Conversely, you could consider dedicating your screens to specials, advertising or educational information.

Cannabis Tv Menus

Cannabis Tv Menus

The Importance of Legibility on a Cannabis TV Menu

Considering how much information you can fit on a single screen with optimum legibility is incredibly important.  Do you want a typical menu list versus full-screen ads or educational information? Or maybe you want a Cannabis TV Menu that includes space to accommodate a smaller ad. Screen orientation can also be a factor regarding how many products you can list on each screen. Having a screen that’s portrait versus landscape may give you more line items but this does limit the space for additional columns. Displaying weights, THC or CBD percentages is easier on a landscape menu. 

Are you more interested in showing your inventory or full-screen ads? Some digital signage companies may only offer Tv menus or may only offer full-screen advertising. Some companies may also require you to give up a percentage of your screen time or space to advertise for third parties. Make sure to consider how much control you want over the content being displayed on your screen before deciding to invest in a digital signage system. Each store’s set up is different and we’ll work with you to customize the best solution for your dispensary.

Why Choose Divvy Digital for Your Cannabis TV Menu?

At Divvy Digital we know the importance of displaying your menu effectively while staying consistent with your brand. With each client, we focus on improving the in-store atmosphere and the customer flow by customizing each Cannabis TV Menu to your dispensary’s needs. This includes partnering with companies like FlowHub and GreenBits to make sure your dispensary is always at peak performance. Maximizing your store’s ability to offer products, provide information and education, and creating an atmosphere that enhances your customer’s experience is what we take pride in at Divvy Digital. Contact us today for more information or to request a demo of your Cannabis TV Menu service.

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